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Ngorongoro Highlands trekking, the, the rugged and beautiful offers one of the finest blends of culture, landscapes and wildlife in Tanzania. The best way to experience the highlands is amazing trek on foot. The Ngorongoro Highland’s diverse landscapes consisting of elevated volcanoes and craters, forests and vast grassy plains offers a remarkable experience for those hiking through this area. Trekking party will experience first-hand how the Maasai people, who inhabit these highlands and the wildlife, coexist. The journey thought the highlands takes us to the edge of the great rift valley where we then descend to the base of the escarpment wall right on the foot of Mt. Ol Doinyo Lengai. Known to the Maasai as the “Mountain of God”, Ol Doinyo Lengai is one of the most unique active volcanoes in the world. Our trek ends up on the shores of the beautiful Lake Natron, an alkaline lake which serves as the breeding ground for the Lesser Flamingo


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5 Days Ngorongoro Highlands Trekking Tour

Day 1-5 | Ngorongoro Highland Trekking – Tanzania

Day 1
Start: Nainokanoka
Finish: Nainokanoka
Altitude: ↑ ↓ 300 m
Distance: 2 km
Walking time: 1-2h
Day 2
Start: Nainokanoka
Finish: Bulati
Altitude: ↑ 500 m
Distance: 16 km
Walking time: 4-5h
Day 3
Start: Bulati
Finish: Empakai Crater
Altitude: ↑ 500 m
Distance: 9 km
Walking time: 3-4h
Day 4
Start: Empakai Crater
Finish: Acacia Camp
Altitude: ↑ 200 m
Distance: 13 km
Walking time: 4-5h
Day 5
Start: Acacia Camp
Finish: Lake Natron
Altitude: ↓ 1200 m
Distance: 6 km
Walking time: 2-3h


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