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What is the size of the park: 1,990 sq km (770 sq miles)
When was it established: 1992
What is the distance from Dar es Salaam: 350 km (215 miles)

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Udzungwa Mountains National Park has a total area of 2,000km². It contains the greatest altitudinal range of forests in East Africa – the eastern escarpment is the only place in East Africa with unbroken forest cover from lowland forest communities at below 250m above sea level, through intermediate types, to mountain communities at over 2,800m. Because of such a wide range in altitude and habitat types, Udzungwa National Park has one of the highest numbers of species endemism worldwide. Udzungwa National Park is located 65 km south of Mikumi National Park.

With no roads entering Udzungwa National Park it is a paradise for hikers and backpackers alike. Numerous breath-taking day-hikes can be organized along with multiple day excursions into the dense rain forest or onto the high plateau. One beautiful trek is up to the Sanje River Waterfall, which plunges for 170 metres through the forest to the valley below. The view from the top is magnificent!

Udzungwa Mountains National Park supports a diverse, large mammal community including elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, African wild dog, eland, waterbuck and sable. Six species of primate are found here and two are endemic, the Iringa (Uhehe) Red Colobus monkey, and the Sanje Crested Mangabey, which was discovered in 1979. There is also a rich small bovid community including good numbers of Red, Blue and Abbots duikers, and bushbuck.

Udzungwa has the richest forest bird habitat in Tanzania. Several endemics have just been discovered recently (including a new species of Francolin and the Rufus-winged sun bird).

The dry season occurs from June to October, when it is best to visit. During the rainy season from March to May visits are not recommended.

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